Ergonomic Hand Pruners by "The Gardener's Friends"

Ergonomic Garden Pruners

Painful Hands But Still Love Gardening? – These are for you!

Here’s Why!

  • Simple ratchet mechanism, cuts in stages - easier on your hands.
  • Looped lower handle with finger guide makes pruners easy to grip.
  • Soft rubberized grip on upper handle relieve pressure on the palm.
  • Extra Sharp Hardened SK5 Carbon Steel Blade – Cuts like butter
  • Ambidextrous! - Equally good for right or left handed people
  • Simple Lock Slider simply squeeze and slide with either hand
  • Extra Bonus – Small sponge for clean of blade before storage
  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Construction - Does Not Rust, built to last
  • Coated Anvil channel prevents blade from dulling... extra clean cuts.
  • Built for the home gardener – Tough enough for the professional!
features of ergonomic pruners


Ergonomically Designed For Weak Hands!

Especially built and designed by and for people with hand mobility weakness like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.  These product features as shown in the diagram are the many reasons why TGF Pruners may be your solution.


How To Use:

  1. Squeeze with one hand and slide lock back to unlock.
  2. Place as far back as possible over the wood to be cut...
  3. Hold branch with one hand and depress with the other, several times to complete cut.
  4. When finished, squeeze and slide back to lock.
  5. Make smaller snips close to tip of pruners.
  6. When finished, clean blade with sponge for storage.
  7. Keep sponge in a baggie so it won’t dry out or get lost!
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picture of a man using ergonomic pruners

Pruning Can Be As Easy as 1-2-3

Makes pruning less painful
If you are like me and have weak and painful hands and still want to garden, these pruners may provide the solution you have been looking for.  They can’t cure Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but they do take much less hand pressure to use and are ergonomically designed for people like us with weak hands.  And…at the end of a pruning session our hands may feel less strained and more rested.

Simple 3-4 stage ratchet mechanism
By the completion of cuts in multiple stages, sometime three, sometimes four, each squeeze of the hands takes substantially less pressure and uses the principles of mechanical advantage to allow completion of pruning cuts with greater hand ease.  This combined with the very sharp hardened steel blade and other ergonomic features like the neoprene hand grip and finger guide combine to make pruning effortless. 

Superb performance
When used properly these pruners will stay sharp and remain one of your favorite tools for years.  The coated channel in the anvil prevents dulling and allows each cut to complete with cleanly defined edges and no shredding of branches like what often happens with bypass pruners.  These pruners can effectively make cuts of up to 1” (25 mm.) 

Deb profile
"These pruners are great! I just got them and to go try them right away to remove small branches from my crab tree. They are VERY sharp and cut through the branches so easily. I tried some larger branches and used the ratcheting feature (it does this automatically), and the shears cut through the larger branches with ease. I too like these as I have very small hands and these allow me to trim my trees easily. My husband was impressed with the design that allows left handed and right handed people use these. Excellent product!"

ergonomic pruners cleaning

Care and Maintenance

If you look after this tool it will look after you forever!

When you receive pruners, unpack from bubble pack and remove sponges including the one in the handle. Store these in a safe stop and we prefer them to be in a small baggie.

Put a small drop of light mineral oil on the pivot pin (hinge of the tool) and a very small drop on the lock slider inside the groove for it.

Wipe the blade with a bit of oil before and after use.

The little sponge can be used for this purpose or a small swab. If you have been around any fungus or disease we recommend rubbing alcohol for cleaning blade. Store safely for the next use!

using ergonomic pruners with gloves

When Using Your TGF Pruners!

We recommend that you always wear gardening gloves. The blade is very sharp and does not distinguish between branches and fingers!

When you wish to make small snips like deadheading flowers or shrubs, open the pruners only slightly and snip close to the ends of the pruners.

When making large cuts, place the pruners over the branch as far back as possible so that the ratchet will engage for larger cuts, depress several times (3 -4 squeezes) until cut is complete.

Do not use your TGF Pruners on wire, sheet metal, or plastic. It is not a hammer, or a screwdriver!

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Patrick Hickson
These are the best pruning shears we've found out there. If you have weak hands they are perfect to assist in using them by design. The company (The Valspring Group) is a great small company with personalized serve and outstanding follow-up to ensure you know how to properly use and maintain your pruners. You just don't see customer service at this level these days. Would highly recommend the product and the company.
Judith R. Correll
These pruners are the best ratchet pruners I have used in the last 20 years! For nipping of small branches up to 1" limbs these are the sharpest, neatest, most clean-cutting pruners I have come across. The pruners are better than others I have had that cost twice the price. I highly recommend. In addition, the company was most responsive when I contacted them with a question and followed up with me to be sure I was completely satisfied.
Mandy G.
I can't say enough good about these ratchet pruning shears. I love to prune bushes and trees, and these pruning shears make the task very easy and enjoyable. I spent a half-day using them once they arrived. Because I have arthritis in my hands, I need a ratcheting pruner, and this is one slick, sharp tool that lets me get the job done without straining my hands. I would recommend these shears to anyone who needs a sharp, sturdy tool to do pruning.
R. M. Mayhew
My wife says the ratchet function is what really makes these useful. No matter what you are trimming/pruning, there is always that urge to cut something just a little bigger and these shears allow you to stretch that extra little bit over a normal (non-ratchet) model. The seller was proactive in contacting us to make sure we were happy with the purchase. That's a nice touch and something many companies don't make the effort to do.